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Artist Management

Touring Management and Coordination

Concert Consulting and Management

Technical Consulting and Engineering

Insight + Experience + Creativity =
Precision Management

Precision Management is a company based on the simple idea of “efficient precision”. Efficient Precision is defined as “achieving maximum accurate performance with minimum wasted effort or expense”. This principle is what guides planning and actions at every step of the Precision proprietary production management process. With this concept as the cornerstone of the way Precision works, the creative vision for a production can be smoothly merged with the creative, technical and personnel resources available to achieve great success.

Our Core Strengths

Artist Management

Every career starts from a blank slate.  Precision manages the planning and development process of a artists career from inception through the final standing ovation.  Precision has proprietary processes and control systems that can help fast-track a career through the development stages and on to the big stages.  With a deep expertise in the music industry, Precision helps artists achieve their dreams through a creative and efficient plan.  

Touring Management

A concert tour is a unique project in the world of event production.  Variables that can significantly impact the production can come from anywhere.  Precision has the experience and insight to plan for the variables and engineer efficient and responsible solutions as challenges arise. 

  • On-road Touring Management
  • On-road Tour Accounting
  • Tour Advance Services
  • MasterTour platform set-up, build-out and maintenence

On-Site Event Management

A great plan is only as good as the paper it is written on if the on-site team isn’t prepared or lacks experience.  Precision can provide the on-site production team that is able to foresee and adapt to ever-changing requirements all while maintaining focus on the overall message and mission.

  • Special Event Production Management
    • General Production Management
    • Stage Management
    • Team Coordination / Labor Lead services
    • On-site Information Disbursement / Info Hub services
    • Business Operations Lead roles

Audio and Technical Engineering

Precision has the ability to provide technical entertainment-centric consulting, sound engineering services, technical advance and technical specification writing (for bid or buy).

  • FOH and Monitor Sound Engineering
  • Technical Consulting for one-off and special events
  • Technical specification writing

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