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Newport Jazz Festival: Now 60 Tour

Newport Jazz Festival:  Now 60 TourNewport Jazz Festival:  Now 60 TourNewport Jazz Festival:  Now 60 TourNewport Jazz Festival:  Now 60 TourNewport Jazz Festival:  Now 60 Tour

Sam Walton, Senior Partner, has recently taken the 2014 Newport Jazz Festival:  Now 60 Tour on the road as the Tour Manager and the FOH audio engineer during the first half of 2014.  The tour made over 20 stops around the US and delighted audiences at each and every show. 

The tour features the biggest names in traditional jazz today and includes Anat Cohen as bandleader on clarinet and tenor saxophone, Randy Brecker on trumpet, Mark Whitfield on guitar, Karrin Allyson on vocals and piano, Peter Martin on piano, Larry Grenadier on bass and Clarence Penn on drums.  The tour and band were hand-assembled by Danny Melnick, President of Absolutely Live Entertainment and the Associate Producer of the Newport Jazz Festival.  

At the Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis, MO

The tour celebrates the past 60 years of music from the Newport Jazz Festival as well as illustrating the innovations in modern jazz today.  

"The shows were a blast to mix!" states Walton.  "There was never the same tune played the same way; so it kept me on my toes the entire tour..."  As an engineer, Walton brought over 20 years of live engineering experience to the tour as well as managing the day-to-day operations of travel, logistics, scheduling, accounting and reporting.  "Throughout the run, I had more than 18 different audio consoles and / or systems.  It was a challenge every night to remember programming steps, configurations and shortcuts, but it was fun!  Oh yeah, I also was TM, so I had that - but the group was so great to work with, and the Precision office kept things buttoned up and organized, it was easy and fun." says Walton.  

The tour culminates with a headlining spot at the 2014 Newport Jazz Festival in Newport, Rhode Island in August of 2014.

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